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Kensington Sofa

Kensington Sofa
Kensington Sofa
Kensington Sofa
Kensington Sofa
Bespoke Made Sofa Delivery Time 4 to 6 week approx. 

These sofa's are high quality and also are handmade by UK craftsmen.  This sofa can be made in many different fabrics, please come and choose from our huge range, just give us a call for more details.

Prices (House Fabrics other fabrics available in store)  
Sofa Size Dimensions Fabric B
Grand Combi Unit 272cm x 170cm £2690.00
Large Combi Unit 249cm x 170cm £2545.00
Compact Combi Unit 226cm x 170cm £2,330.00
Large 4 Seat Sofa 272cm x 104cm £2,225.00
4 Seat Sofa 249cm x 104cm £2,080,00
3.5 Seat Sofa 226cm x 104cm £1,815.00
3 Seat Sofa 203cm x 104cm £1,680.00
2.5 Seat Sofa 183cm x 104cm £1,655.00
2 Seat Sofa 168cm x 104cm £1,550.00
Large Love Seat 145cm x 104cm £1,420.00
Compact Love Seat 137cm x 104cm £1,225.00
Chair 107cm x 104cm £1,085.00         

***Fabric Sample Books In Our Brentwood Store***

* Please note: The fabric quantity and the price of the corner section allows for the reduced cost and the fabric quantity of the sofa only having one arm, the corner section is not sold seperately. 

The Kensington can also be made as a sofa bed and also as a corner unit, please feel free to call us for details. 

Remember these sofa's usually only take 4 to 6 weeks.